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Board of directors

Norma Molestina

Executive Director

As ED, Norma wants to ensure that the Preston Area Business Alliance is able to work for its members and community as it has been doing. She has dedicated the majority of her life to serve the community in every capacity. 

This is what she says about her work: "Everyday I get the opportunity to offer help and support to businesses through innovative networking, marketing and leadership opportunities! Plus our organization is an AMAZING community!"  

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Magely Duarte

Board Chair

David Beck

Board Member

Eric Keyes

Board Member

Michele Davila

Board Member

Steven Matly

Board Member


We are a network of business owners and community leaders dedicated to advancing business through enhanced connection, understanding, and action. We focus on supporting, promoting, and strengthening businesses along the Preston Corridor.



PO Box 32338

Louisville, KY 40232

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